We work with you to create your customized mortgage solution that works with your life.


  • First time home buyers
  • New comers to Canada
  • Accessing the equity in your home or obtaining a second mortgage for:
    • renovations, debt consolidation, major purchases & travel.
  • Stated income situations for self employed, entrepreneurs, commission employees
  • HELOC - Home Equity Line of Credit
  • Real Estate Investments
  • 2nd Mortgages
  • Divorce Buyouts

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  • New purchase
  • Accessing the equity in your building for:
    • renovations, debt, consolidation, major purchase
  • Leasehold improvements / Asset enhancement
  • Investment
  • Partner buyout
  • Shareholder or Debt payback
  • Secure operating line of credit

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We secure mortgages through a variety of channels including traditional lenders like banks and directly with investors.

Learn more about the differences between traditional lenders and working directly with investors.


We work fast to find our clients the right solution for their needs. Whether you are purchasing a new home, a cottage or consolidating debt we are here to help.

OR CALL TO APPLY: 1-877-244-1422


Our experience with John Pallotto at Union Capital Management has been nothing but positive. John was great at walking my wife and I through the entire process of securing a mortgage, which was very important being first time home buyers. He was able to look at our financial situation, compare options and provide recommendations and ultimately get us a very competitive product that worked for us. John was always accessible to answer any questions or concerns we had, and has committed to continue to oversee our mortgage even after it had been secured and the property purchased. This has given us great piece of mind as we underwent the large financial obligation that is purchasing a home. I would recommend John and his UNION Capital for anyone looking to get a competitive low-rate mortgage that suits your needs while receiving excellent customer service along the way.

Steve D

I unexpectedly had to deal with a situation that required me to refinance my home. John provided me the guidance and knowledge to navigate me through this situation. He relieved the stress for me and provided a solution that was very beneficial. I appreciate all the work that he did for me and would recommend him to any friend or family member.


Thank you for helping me obtain a mortgage from UNION Capital. Your professionalism and knowledge made acquiring a mortgage seamless. Not only did you get me the best rate, but you did all the work and best of all it did not cost me anything!



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